May 20, 2022

How to Add a Sliding Window to an Application

Sliding windows open sideways rather than vertically and are often used in modern and contemporary homes to create a view. A sliding window can consist of one fixed pane of glass in the middle and two panes that slide past each other. These windows are perfect for rooms with larger widths than heights, such as the attic. Depending on the style, these windows may be operated manually or by a handle mechanism.

The most common problem associated with sliding windows is extraction of contiguous integers. The word contiguous means sequential, so two elements must be next to each other. This can be a problem for some types of coding problems, but sliding windows are generally simple enough to understand and implement. A mental model of this problem can help identify common sliding window problems. If the previous question asked for a K-sized value, the solution would be the maximum value.

To add a sliding window to an application, you must set up the index that corresponds to the right and left sides. You can do this by using a block-scoped variable called rightWindow. You must increment the index rightWindow by one each time a character is added to the sliding window. After defining the index, you must create a loop block that includes instructions for when to increment the rightWindow and leftWindow.

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