Double Hung Windows in Frederick, MD

Did you know that double hung windows are the most popular style of replacement windows?

Originally introduced to the United States in the 18th century, they are still a favorite choice for homeowners. These windows are made of two sashes that slide vertically over one another. They are usually made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

Double-hung windows are generally taller than they are wide. This is due to the horizontal rail in the middle of the windows. The upper sash has multiple panes and can be divided by a divider. The casing on double-hung windows is thicker than on single-hung windows. The sashes are separated by a track, and they have a sash that tilts inward to open or close.

Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows are not always airtight. The sashes are naturally separated, which allows them to slide in and out. Because of this, they're not as airtight as other types of windows. But this does not mean they're not a good choice for your home. By installing an air conditioner, you'll have the luxury of a comfortable temperature.

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